Nuova Proteins Pvt. Ltd. is well known name in Poultry Feed Industry from last two decades and famous in broiler concentrates. For a long time Nuova Proteins has been providing all nutritional solution that benefit broiler health, performance & productivity. Poultry producers spend upto 75% of their production costs on feed.So better quality feed will decrease your cost & increase your profit.
"Nuova Proteins Presents Best Nutritional Solution for day old Chicks". NUOVA CHICK PERFORMANCE Enhance Feed is Balanced Blend of Hydrolyzed Protein,Carbohydrates,Vitamins and Minerals. It is Formulated for early development of Immune Response System and Internal Organs of Chicks and for better Absorptions of Yolk Sac and for Healthy Development of Tissue,Intestines and Bursa of Farcies,Thymus,Liver etc. which protect the life of bird.
  • Better Meat Ratio
  • Disease Free Flocks
  • Uniform Growth
  • Reduced Mortality
10gm. of Nuova ChickPEF in 1 litre of water for 24hrs.